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What's exactly new in SteamWhale?

We believe hobby is supposed to be fun. And we take it seriously.

Visit SteamWhale Tabletop Games, the cozy yet exciting store for tabletop funness.
We bring together 3 types of tabletop games for you in our store.

No matter you want to simply enjoy Werewolf and other boardgames with your friends in the evening, have a quick MTG or Final Fantasy card game match, or spend a good weekend diving deep into the War Games table, SteamWhale Tabletop Games is the place for you.

SteamWhale Tabletop Games

Miniature Games

Warhammer, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Guild Ball, etc. to name a few. Our dedicated Miniature War Game tables are open to you for free every day. Bring in your models and have fun. We also have full range of Citadel Paint in stock.

Bitbox Boardgame Cafe

Board Games

With the expertise and friendliness of BitBox Boardgame Cafe, we have a wide range of boardgames available to play in store and bring home.


Card Games

It is an exciting addition to our store. Moggy-Booster brings you Magic the Gathering, Final Fantasy and other card games. NOW OPEN!

Introducing Moggy-Booster

While this website is still under construction, we are excited to announce the opening of MTG and FF card game cafe: Moggy-Booster. Checkout more here:

What is Moggy-Booster?

Moggy-Booster is the Trading Card Game shop that share the area inside SteamWhale Tabletop Games. So you can enjoy playing cards while still drink a nice potion!

Enjoy with us

We have exciting new events every months, be it just a werewolf night, serious Warmachine/Horde competition or fun new year party. Even everyday is fun at SteamWhale.

New Year Party Group Photo

What are you waiting for? Come now!

If you are in eastern Bangkok or near Kasetsart University, Bangkhen, Ratcyahothin, Lad Prao, Ramindra, take a quick look at SteamWhale. It is on the 3rd floor of Kaset Corner Building, where you can park your car in the university and walk across the bridge right into our store.